Playin’ At Jungle Gym Kiulap

It’s been a veeerrrryyy long time we didn’t spent so much time with our kids, bringing them to playground. Last Sunday, 23rd March 2008.. Me & my Hubby brought adam, alia & alisha to Jungle gym at kiulap. Feel so happy watching them smiling & laughing.. here’s some pix for you to see. Enjoy…

Santai Babe…
Which ball should I pick?
Yes I pick the Purple one…
Alia & Adam goin up
La La La…
Adam Crawlingggg….
Alia & Adam
Battle Zone…
Pick up the balls sama-sama
hmm..what am I doin here? haha
Sempat LAgi Pose Anak Dara ani…
Climbing up High Alia
Before Balik..pose dulu eh!
That is some of the pix taken when we’re in Jungle gym.. actually there’s a lot but I choose to upload the nice one.. hehe! After went to jungle gym we went to Mothercare & bebeland Kiulap to buy for them a Consolation prizes for the kindness and being a very good student in school.. Harap sampai kebesar lah anak-anak mama ahhh…

My Kids = My Life.. It’s a Wonderful life journey

My 3 Cute Babies.. My Inspiration =)

My 3 Cute Babies.. My Inspiration =)


Getting pregnant & giving birth to them are the most precious moment in life. Sometimes I feel tired looking after them I admit.. but I do feel happy watching them grow in front of me. See them laugh, cry and everything. They always makes my heart melts like an Ice cream ehehe.. I love them more than anything.

My first daughter Nur A’lia Natasha, born on 12th January 2004, Monday at 1.00pm. Can’t believe she’s a grown up little girl. Last time I gave birth to her she’s only about 3.270kg with only 51cm height. Now as I watched her running here and there, talking, laughing, singing, drawing pictures… I just can’t believe she has grown up now. I feel so happy when she’s around especially as she sometimes understand what I feel inside, when she saw me crying.. she will comfort me. She will never let anyone hurt my feeling! hehe.. I was left at home 1 day after giving birth to her as my husband need to go for a haj.

My one and only son. Muhammad Adam Farihin, born on 30th December 2004. Only 11months away after giving birth to Alia. I wouldn’t expected to get pregnant that close as Alia was only 3 months. My feeling at that time quite stress cause I’m not ready yet for our second baby. Giving birth to him was so easy, although my contraction lasted about 2 hours. and it really hurts, but with only 1 push he was born safely with 3.235kg, 55cm, Thursday at 7.57pm. Feeling so pity on him watching his face like bluish cause he didn’t get that much oxygen inside my tummy. I started to blame myself because during my pregnancy I didn’t get much attention of taking good care of him cause I’m not ready. Feeling so guilty until now! But yes.. as I watch him grow, he was a very clever little boy, genius, funny & naughty. hehe.. He’s far more clever than his sister, talkative. While when Adam was 4 months, I was left home once again as my husband needed to go for a training and need to stay at his standby house in Bomba Shell seria. isk..isk..

My 3rd baby… last but not least Nur Alisha Fazranina, biggest baby I have here. hehe.. 3.670kg and 51cm. Born on 23rd July 2007 , Monday at 1.31pm. My husband went to Singapore when I gave birth to Alisha. Yeaaaa..once again! I hate it!. I feel so bored when I need to be inside the labour room without my husband beside me, thanks to my mum & my mummy in law for being there for me all the way during my contraction. Feeling so sad when my dear hubby not with me at that time, I wouldn’t let the same thing happen to me once again.. Luckily, 2 weeks after giving birth to Alisha, my husband came back to Brunei..

Hopefully if I get pregnant for our 4th baby, he will be besides me all the time.. yes ALL THE TIME DEAR

cheers =)


Adam & Alia 1st Sports Day

Alia & Adam was soooo Thristy after the Sports Event

Alia & Adam was soooo Thristy after the Sports Event

18th March was Adam & Alia’s first sports day.. feeling excited, me and my husband went to see the event. Hehe. sadly the event was already half way to an end. We only got a chance to see the game “stop Dance” (Alia) and find the treasure (Adam).

Funny when my daughter Alia was a good dancer at home, suddenly when she joined the Stop dance game, she just move left and right. While the game “find the treasure”, Adam comes in 2nd place… well at least. haha!

The event finish at 9.45am…Below are some of the picture taken during & after the event.


New Best Friend.. A’lia & Miza

The Stop Dance… thats’ my Alia!
Adam trying to put on the HOOD… Panas Ke?
Student running here & There
Waiting for food?